HQ-HEADQUARTER is not a specific space but many things together.

Like my life: It’s never been just one thing.

It’s a meeting place. A place that is mental before being physical, where words make sense and projects have a chance of being realized. 


Here, in the beautiful 1800 Milanese courtyard where, in what used to be a factory, the gallery lives and breathes, artists can create, confront each other in absolute freedom, finding the correct economical relationship with the art market.


Since the beginning in the 80ies, music, art, poetry, experimental TV, art management, cultural events and meetings have harmoniously and excitingly taken place, being declined in many different expressions of creativity. For several decades it was music, poetry, TV; today and for the past 10 years it’s been art. First and foremost.


Many great artists of the ‘900 have been here: from the first Brian Eno installations of the 80ies at the Milano Triennale; from Yoko Ono to Vostel, from Eco, Attali, Nam June Paik to the performances of John Cage, from Philip Glass to Keith Haring...

Until today, when curiosity, network, professionality, beauty, passion, organizational skills, emotion and creativity are the ingredients put at the service of the project HQ-HEADQUARTER, that has already given birth to many events and exhibitions.


The Gallery was born in 2008 for the management and consultancy of several Italian artists and the production of art exhibitions and since then it has organized important events like W.A.R. We are Restless by Tom Porta at the Palazzo Ducale di Genova in 2011.

In 2012 has participated with great critical acclaim to the Biennale di Venezia with 4 artists: the photographer Fabrizio Bergamo, the sculptor Francesco Di Luca and the painters Fabio Giampietro and Tom Porta.

Since 2011 it’s been creating in Milan the exhibition PICKS, enthusiastically welcomed by the city. We are at the 3rd edition and the project will be running every other year, hosting several international artists.

In 2013 a new initiative has started, LA GRANDE MAGIA (The Great Magic), with the aim of harmonizing and balancing Architecture, Art, Literature and Cinema.


2014 and 2015 have been dedicated to the production of Tom Porta’s exhibition INFERNO, 1914/1918.

A project inspired by the centenary of the 1st World War that debuted in the prestigious location of the Famedio of Milan and that it’s touring in several Italian and European cities.


In 2016 a series of exhibitions have followed one another, almost once a month; Tom Porta’s The Box with his skulls, Tancredi Fornasetti with his geometrical architectures, Fabrizio Bergamo with his new works on Flowers and Dolls, last April with Andrea Greco and his Sentio Exhibition.

In May we’ve had the collective exhibition of 14 artists Ce n’est q’un debut...  first preview of a great international exhibition on the fiftieth anniversary of 1968.

In September the photographer Renzo Chiesa, then Luca Artioli with Esprit and Valentina Tamborra with her DOPPIA LUCE (Double Light) portraits project. We’ve then said goodbye to 2016 with Tom Porta’s RICALCOLO PERCORSO Exhibition.


2017 starts with Bart Herreman and his surrealist take on photography. Exhibitions by Alessandro Spadari and by Margot Errante, an accomplished Italian photographer that has been living and working in China and Hong Kong, will follow, together with a great collective on the city of Milan.

It will also be the year of an exciting cooperation with Luxembourg aimed at the birth of a new hub dedicated to culture and art and an important Los Angeles based project: MILAN.IN – MILAN.ON.


It only remains for you to come and see us...

January 2017

Mario Giusti